The Differences In Reading Skills Between Auditory Learners And Visual Learners

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dc.description.abstract This study aims to determine the differences in learning styles of secondsemester students in the English department at University of Islam Malang in their reading skills. The variables in this study consist of two variables, namely, the independent variable (variable x) is learning styles and the dependent variable (variable y) is reading skills. Learning style is a way of learning students in the learning process in the classroom and outside the classroom. There are two careful learning styles in this study, namely auditory learning styles and visual learning styles. Reading skills are student activities in reading a text in the form of books, journals, articles, and others. The population in this research is the second-semester students majoring in English education at University of Islam Malang. The sample in this study was not determined by the researchers because the research was conducted online so those willing to fill in the research instrument will be used as a sample in this study, and the researchers get 50 students in 4 different classes. The instrument used to collect data in this study was a questionnaire about learning styles and multiple-choice reading test. Learning styles questionnaire in this study consist of 16 items with 2 categories of learning styles. Reading tests in this study amounted to 20 multiple-choice questions. The method in this study uses the causal-comparative research design. The data analysis is done by using independent samples t-test. The results of data analysis in this study showed that 19 students were included in the auditory learning style category and 31 students were included in the visual learning style category. Auditory learning styles category has mean 56.05 with std. deviation 14.961 while the visual learning styles category has mean 54.35 with std. deviation 16.520. The result of Independent Samples T-Test of the learning styles of the students second-semester in the University of Islam Malang on reading skills at an equal variance assumed at 11.449 and a significance level of 0.000 < 0.05. Based on the value of the Independent Samples T-Test and sig. (2 tailed) above, it can be concluded that visual learning styles have better reading skills than auditory learning styles. From the results of these data, it is evident that there are differences in reading skills between the student with auditory learning styles and students with visual learning styles. en_US
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dc.title The Differences In Reading Skills Between Auditory Learners And Visual Learners en_US
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