An Analysis Of Classroom Management Of Bridge Speaking Program At Pare English Application Center (Peace)

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dc.description.abstract This study was aimed to describe the classroom management of bridge speaking program at pare English application center (PEACE). This study was conducted to describe (1) how PEACE as the English course runs in Pare, (2) how the teacher develops syllabus and lesson plan in teaching in Bridge Speaking Program of PEACE, (3) how the teacher implements the teaching techniques in Bridge Speaking Program of PEACE, (4) how the teacher uses media in teaching of Bridge Speaking Program of PEACE, (5) how the teacher evaluates student achievement of learning in Bridge Speaking Program of PEACE. The research design of this study was descriptive qualitative. The subject of this study included the director of PEACE and the teacher of bridge speaking program of PEACE. The research instruments used in collecting the data were interview guide to the director and teachers, classroom observation checklist and documentation. The findings of this study indicated that PEACE was one of the accredited English courses in Pare. To survive and maintain quality, PEACE made a breakthrough by providing new programs in English and improved the service quality in all sectors. In developing syllabus and lesson plan in this speaking program, institution and teacher were very consistent and based on government policy, but in the implementation, the teacher manage and plan it which was suitable for classroom design and student’s need. Therefore, the rule administered by Ministry of Education was only as the basic grounding and administrative affairs. In teaching techniques, the teacher used debate and discussion, since these techniques were suitable and appropriate in enhancing speaking ability. In the implementation, the theory was only delivered for about 30%, and the other percentage was practice and correction. The teacher used online and printed media to attract student attention which was related to the topic. There were two sections in evaluation of achievement or assessment. The activity took place on public place crowded by people and the students were asked to respond the lottery which consisted of life problem given by the teacher. The result was that the student’s pronunciation and fluency have been improved. Moreover, they are more confident to speak in public. Finally, based on the explanation above, it was suggested that Teaching-learning of speaking skill at non-formal institution should produce enjoyable, comfortable, and interesting environment. Implementation of teaching materials, assessment, and learning activities should be combined appropriately and based on the characteristic and the need of the students. Keyword: classroom management and teaching-learning speaking en_US
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dc.title An Analysis Of Classroom Management Of Bridge Speaking Program At Pare English Application Center (Peace) en_US
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