Developing English Supplementary Material for the First Class Students of SMA Ibrahimy Wongsorejo

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dc.description.abstract Since the content in the English book used by the students of SMA Ibrahimy Wongsorejo did not meet all the needs of them, and the teacher often look for references from other learning resources to complete the learning material, furthermore, as the data obtained from the questionnaire, the researcher developed an English supplementary material for the first class students of SMA Ibrahimy Wongsorejo. The research and development (R&D) design was used by the researcher to develop the supplementary book. The model development in this study described following with the explanation of Latief (2016: 188) that consists of need analysis, development, validation and revision, try out, and revision to produce the final product. Hence, the study began with identifying the problem of the first class students at SMA Ibrahimy Wongsorejo. In the need analysis, the researcher spread some questionnaires to find out the information of the existing material and the English material needed by the students. In addition, the researcher also interviewed the English teacher of grade X of SMA Ibrahimy Wongsorejo. For the validation, the researcher entrust to the English teacher who teaches in the field of science and social major in SMA Ibrahimy Wongsorejo, English expert, lay out designer, and video creator. There was a lot of input from them so that the products made will be the best and useful products for the first class students of SMA Ibrahimy. After validation, the products tested to the students. The observation shows that the subject presented in the material was of interest to the students. They were keen to join the online class actively. Not only interesting to learn, but also beneficial for them. The material prepared in supplementary material adds information about the topic being studied, can help them understand grammar which they initially say is difficult. Also add their vocabulary and practice their speaking. The videos prepared also help them in learning English. After two trials to the students, the final product was obtained. The supplementary book includes six different subjects. The key skill learned in the book is speaking skill. en_US
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dc.subject English supplementary material en_US
dc.title Developing English Supplementary Material for the First Class Students of SMA Ibrahimy Wongsorejo en_US
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